Our Demands

Our Demands

While the situation worsned, Disneyland Paris Cast Members unionized and created the M.A.I Commitee (Commitee of Mobilisation Against Inflation), as well as regular French Workers Unions to rise against Euro Disney Associés SAS, the company behind Disneyland Paris.

There are four main demands which we will keep on fighting for. The mouvement is growing. It is now an emergency.

Our demands come as follows:

  • 200€ (≈US$215) monthly salary boost for every cast member
  • Doubling of kilometric compensation
  • Double pay on Sundays - like many workers in France.
  • For "chosen" / Adapted shifts to only be applied to those who explicitely volunteer to take on them.

There has already been a strike on May 25th, which led Euro Disney to make an offer seemingly disconnected from reality, or any of our demands : a one-time 125€ for employees that have more than one year of service at Disneyland Paris, as well as allowing Cast Members to get their hand on any money already owes them, while of course still awarding upper management five figure bonuses.